#NostalgiaNipah: A Tantalising Treat at EQ

Wonderful aromas reminiscent of home emanate from EQ’s all-day-dining restaurant – NIPAH, beckoning hungry tummies with entrancing whiffs.?

Meat-Free Monday: Alternatives Hit the Markets

Meat-free?foods?aimed at replacing the real thing are becoming increasingly common

New York's Fashion Week Scaled Back to Five Days

It’s a move insiders have been urging for?years to strengthen the event.

Why Mark Zuckerberg’s “Relationship Status” with Facebook Should Change

Chris Hughes, one of the co-founders of Facebook, called for the social media behemoth to be broken up?warning that the company's head had become far too powerful.

Who’s Going to Take “Responsibilty” for the Typo on Aussie’s $50?

Red-faced bank bosses in Australia admitted their state-of-the-art $50 note had a typo.



More “Star Wars” Films Are Coming Your Way

Following its merger with Fox, Disney has sketched out its future plans for two of its most towering franchises -?the "Star Wars" saga and "Avatar."

HBO Can’t Believe How This Accidentally Ended Up in “Game of Thrones”

Jokes, spoofs, and critiques quickly followed the anachronistic appearance of the beverage.
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Current Affairs

Is Singapore Trying to Stifle Its People?

Singapore passed laws that will allow authorities to order the removal of online content.

Welcome to the World, Baby Archie

The royal baby’s name is a shortened version of the name Archibald.

Samsung is Cancelling?Pre-Orders for The Sold-Out Galaxy Fold?

The shipments for the Samsung Galaxy Fold haven't just been delayed, they could be cancelled completely according to?CNET.
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Acquired Taste


How Ethical is Your Gold?

As high-end consumers demand to know the origin of their treasures, some jewellers are ensuring they use responsibly sourced, eco-friendly or recycled gold.

Food & Drink

This Champagne Bottle Does an Amazing Thing When Chilled

Time to wow your dinner guests with this little party trick.


8 Luxe Spring Must-Haves

Goodbye, winter blues. Spring is here and it's time to go shopping.


?8 Extravagant?Gifts Your Partner Will Adore

They will love you even more if you splurge on these luxe presents.
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Boeing Knew About the 737 Max Problems All Along

As far back as?the year before the Lion Air crash.

The Lowdown on the UK Leaving the EU

Are you mystified by the soap opera that is Brexit? Are you still struggling with who is doing what to whom? Read on!

Sub-Zero Chill: Venturing Beyond the Wall

A set-jetters’ guide to one of the most unforgettable Game of Thrones locations.